Lanco Soccer League

Field Closure Procedures

Field Closure

Who: Club president or designated club official may cancel club home games 2-3 hours prior to the start of the game (this is to accomodate travel time for all teams)


Step 1: Call (Not Email) Stephen Clever (717-587-4825 Cell or 717-244-9804 Home). Ifyou don't talk to anyone go to step 2)

Step 2: Call (Not Email) Jim Zimmerman, Vice President of Boys (717-968-2891) or Bert Berry Vice President of Girls (717-659-7503)

Step 3: Call Other Club Presidents/League Representatives of the teams that were to play your teams (If you can't get the club president, then you are to call the opposing teams head coach)

Rained Out: This is a quick way for us to notify everyone that a field is closed. Please encourage all team members to 'opt in' for the season unless you have a quick way of notifying all your players.

Text "YorkUSA" to 84483