Lanco Soccer League

Cold - Wet Weather Tips for Parents

Tips for Training and Playing in Rain and Cold Weather

Parents and Players

If your child plays soccer long enough, you will see some days where the weather will be a major obstacle for both the players and the spectators. Here are a couple of things you can do to stay a little more comfortable if you have to be out in the elements:

  • Keep a warm hat and gloves handy
  • If it's likely to rain, take a pair of dry socks that you can keep in the car and put on after the game if your feet are cold or wet
  • Keep a large umbrella in the car. If it rains, you'll want it. If it's cold and windy, the umbrella can provide shelter by blocking the wind. In the summer, it might provide the only shade in sight.
  • If it's feasible, keep an old blanket in the car. It can keep you warm, and it can cover your upholstery if you are the proud parent of a muddy player at the end of the day.

Here are some ideas for players that can make all the difference when the weather turns foul:

  • Keep a garbage bag somewhere in your gear bag in case it rains. The garbage bag can go over your normal bag to keep it and its contents dry.
  • Bring clean, dry socks for after the game. If it is raining or likely to rain, put them in a plastic bag inside your equipment bag.
  • Keep a clean t-shirt in your game/training bag. Changing into it at half-time or after the game on a cold and/or wet day can be life changing.
  • Keep a hat and light gloves in your bag. Make sure neither the hat nor the gloves have any zippers, snaps, clasps, etc. that could be considered dangerous to other players. Wear the gloves and hat if the weather is cold. It's surprising how warm this will make you.
  • Keep an extra pair of game socks in your equipment bag.

By taking just these simple few steps, you can weather the elements in relative comfort and head home from your game or practice with a smile!