Lanco Soccer League

League By-Laws



Article I    Order of Business

A. The order of the business at all regular meetings shall be as follows:

1. Roll Call
2. Minutes of previous meeting
3. Financial Report
4. Registrar Report
5. EPYSA Report
6. Referee Report
7. Unfinished Business
8. New Business
9. Miscellaneous items
10. Adjournment

Article II          Registration

A. The seasonal year shall be from September 1stto August 31st of the following year.

B. Each child must produce proof of age in the form of a Birth Certificate, Passport, and Player Pass from a previous year or Driver’s license to the League Registrar.

C. Each team must fill out an EPYSA “Player Roster Form” and the roster must be submitted to the League at the time of registration.

D. Each player must have an EPYSA “Player Pass” validated for the present season.The Player Pass must be available at each game.

E. Each manager/coach must have a validated “Coaches’ Pass”, which will only be issued after the coach/manager has completed and submitted to EPYSA the “Risk Management Form”.

F. Lanco Soccer Inc., has no limit on the number of registered coaches, however Lanco Soccer Inc., will allow only two (2) coaches on sideline during a scheduled league match or scheduled playoff match.

G. A team may be allowed to drop any player by using the player status form per EPYSA Registration Rules. However, a team may only add three (3) transfer players to the roster from another traveling team during the year.For new players, a player status form must be submitted to the League Registrar three (3) days prior to a game in order for new players to be eligible for the game.

H. A player may register for a second team during the seasonal year as a secondary player.

I. A team may not register additional players for League play fourteen (14) days after the first scheduled game.Players may be added for team competition outside League play according to EPYSA rules.  Exception:  Injured goalkeepers may be replaced at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Article III          Players

A. Youth amateur players – A youth player is one who on August 1stof the current season has not yet reached the age of nineteen (19) years.  A player who reaches 19 after August 1st shall be allowed to complete the season.

B. Age limits and roster limitations

1. Age divisions shall be comprised of players based on the calendar year January thru December.

a. Under 19 years of age
b. Under 18 years of age
c. Under 17 years of age
d. Under 16 years of age
e. Under 15 years of age
f. Under 14 years of age
g. Under 13 years of age
h. Under 12 years of age
i. Under 11 years of age
j. Under 10 years of age
k. Under 9 years of age

2. Maximum roster requirement:U-9 and U-10 teams shall have no more than fourteen (14) players registered with the League.  U-11’s thru U-13’s shall have no more than eighteen (18) players registered with the league.  U-14’s thru U-19’s will be allowed to register twenty-two (22) players with the league, however only, eighteen (18) of those may dress and participate in any given league match.

3. No team shall be allowed to have less than seven (7) players registered with the League.

Article IV – Rules of Play

 Except as provided herein, FIFA “Laws of the Game” shall apply to each and every game within the jurisdiction of this League.

A. Length of games, overtime periods, and ball specifications.

Division      Game Length      Ball Size      Circumference      Wt/Oz

Under 19     Two 45 min.          #5                 27” – 28”           14/16
Under 16     Two 40 min.          #5                 27” – 28”           14/16
Under 14     Two 35 min.          #5                 27” – 28”           14/16
Under 12     Two 30 min.          #4                 25” – 26”           11/13
Under 10     Two 25 min.          #4                 25” – 26”           11/13

B. Overtime periods – No overtime periods will be played.If a match is tied at the end of regulation play the match is complete for League play. FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” Rule will apply for playoffs only.

C. Substitution – Substitutes shall be unlimited, and be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times for all age categories:

1. Prior to your own throw-in or your opponents throw-in provided they are also substituting and all players are already at the midfield substitution point when the ball leaves play.

2. Prior to a goal kick – either team.

3. After a goal by either team.

4. For an injured player, by either team 1 for 1, when referee stops play.

5. At half time.

D. Line-up Card and Red Card Tracking Form – each team must present thereferee with 3 copies of their line-up card and the Orange Card tracking form before the start of the match.  The line-up card must be signed by the team manager/coach.  Line-up cards must contain all registered players of that team, with jersey number and pass number of each player.  Red card tracking form must contain name and jersey number of each registered player. Line-up cards are the official record of players who have participated in a given game.  If the line-up card is nor filled out properly, a fine or forfeit may result as follows:

1. No shirt or player pass number – fine, at discretion of the League

2. A player playing in a game when his name is not on line-up card – forfeit.

The Original Red Card Tracking form is to be mailed to the League at the end of the current season.  If the League does not receive the Red Card Tracking form, a fine will be levied against that team.

E. Game schedules

1. The schedule of games for the regular season shall be prepared by the Leagues’ scheduler and the Executive Board.The schedule shall be dependent upon the number of teams registered in each age division, with the approval of the Executive Board.

2. Each member club must notify the league of the number of teams entered in each age division at the regularly scheduled meeting two (2) full months prior to the first game in the age division.

3. The 2ndVice-President will be responsible for all scheduling of play-off games, with the aid of the Executive board.

F. Postponement of Games

1. In the case of inclement weather, the home team manager must notify the Games Commissioner and receive a decision pertaining to playing of said game.He must notify the visiting team no less than three (3) hours before the game is scheduled to start.  In the event that both teams arrive at the field, the referee will determine if the game should be postponed.

2. In the case of severe weather, it is the responsibility of the coaches to call the League Hot Line, listen to the message regarding cancellation of all League games.

3. All games shall be played at the designated location and scheduled time.

G. Forfeits

1. Each member team is required to post a forfeit fee as required by the League or one half the referee(s) fee whichever is more.

2. A game is forfeited when either team fails to field seven (7) players within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start of the game.

3. If the home team fails to appear, the visiting team will pay the referee fees (1/2 regular fee).Referee fees will be reimbursed by the league in the event of a forfeit.

4. In the event of a forfeit, the member team causing the forfeit will be fined according to the League fees schedule.The fine must be paid within ten (10) days of receipt of the notification of the fine from the League.  Failure to pay the assessed fine within the prescribed time period will result in forfeit of all that member club’s games until the fine is paid.

5. The Games Commissioner must be notified of the forfeit by the non-forfeiting team within twenty-four (24) hours of the forfeit.The Commissioner must then notify the Member Club representative of the forfeiting team that a forfeit occurred and that the forfeit fee as set forth in the current fee schedule is due within the next ten (10) days.

6. In the event that a team disbands after the first game of the division season, a fine as set forth in the current fee schedule will be assessed.Non-payment of this disbanding fee within ten (10) days of notification by the League will result in the affiliated club being in bad standing with the LANCO Soccer League, Inc.

H. Referees

1. Games shall be covered by an Eastern Pennsylvania Referee Association sanctioned referee who will have full control of the game.In the event of a referee not covering a game, a spectator may be used to officiate by mutual agreement of both managers/coaches.  No protests will be honored by the League pertaining to games so officiated.

2. Each team must provide an Assistant Referee for all games where Assistant Referees are not supplied.This person cannot be a player of either participating team or under 12 years of age.

3. In the event a game is postponed by the referee prior to the game start due to weather conditions, one-half of the prescribed fees shall be paid by the home team.

4. In the event a game is postponed due to weather conditions after play has started, the referee shall be paid the prescribed fee in full, for that game only.

5. Referees will be assigned by a Registered Referee Assignor appointed by the President and with the approval of the Executive Board.Payment of the Referee Assignor will be assessed by the League to each team participating in the current season, and each club with a participating team.

6. The three man system will be used for all games U-13 and above and in playoffs as determined by the Playoff committee.

7. Each affiliate to the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. must have two (2) active referees for each two (2) teams which are in the League.

I. Protests

1. A protest may be filed for the following reasons:

a. Rule interpretation
b. Player ineligibility
c. Violations of Lanco or EPYSA rules

2. The referee and opposing manager/coach must be notified in writing prior to or during a game that a protest is being made.  Such protests will be annotated on the line-up card and initialed by the referee and the protesting manager.  (Exception – a player’s eligibility protest or disqualification may be made at any time prior to the end of the current season.)

3. Any formal protests must be made in triplicate within forty-fight (48) hours after the game.One copy shall be sent to the League President, one copy to the opposing team manager/coach and the third copy retained for the protestant’s file.  Such letter shall contain the following:

a. A protest fee as set by the Fee schedule
b. Name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of the protesting manager and the club soccer director
c. Location, time and date of the game
d. All facts regarding the protest, including the desired solution

4. No protest fee shall be returned if the protest is denied, or if a protest is improperly filed.Any protests upheld will result in return of protest fees.

a. Players, Equipment and Fields of Play

1. A player shall not wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (jewelry, barrettes, chewing gum, necklaces, etc.).

2. A goalkeeper shall wear colors which distinguish him from all the other players.It is recommended that shin guards be worn.  All jerseys must have numbers on the back except the goalkeeper.  In the event of duplicate team jersey colors, the home team must change.

3. The field of play shall be rectangular, its length not more than 120 yards and width not more than 80 yards.

4. The field of play shall be marked with distinctive lines of non-caustic material.

5. Corner flags are required and must be a minimum of 5 feet high.

6. Decisions of officials in regard to safety of equipment and field of play will be final.

J. Discipline

1. Any player receiving a red card for fighting in a game will be suspended for the next three (3) scheduled League games.If a player receives a second red card for fighting that player will be disqualified from participation in the League.

2. Any player accruing four (4) yellow cards during a season will be required to miss the next scheduled League game.

3. Any player receiving a red card (except for fighting – see item 1.) will be required to miss the next schedule League game.If a player receives a second red card, that player will be suspended for the next two (2) scheduled League games.

4. Any manager/coach who is asked to leave a game by the referee will be required to miss the next scheduled League game.If a manager/coach is asked to leave a game more than once during the season, that manager/coach will be required to miss the remainder of the season.

K. Crowds and Fan Control

1. Both participating teams are held responsible for crowd and fan control before, during and after a match with primary responsibility to their own fans.A ten (10) yard line or retainer should run parallel to the touch line and be clear of spectators.

2. By request of the referee, a club official will give safe and expedient escort to a coach/manager or the referee until his exit from club grounds; record and submit to the League any incidents resulting from this escort.

3. The LANCO Soccer League, Inc. will accept from the referee, club official or referee’s association any complaint or grievance concerning crowd conduct and immediately refer the matter to the Grievance Committee.They shall discuss the complaint, reprimand and/or suspend the responsible club (within 15 working days), or fine the responsible club.  See Fee and Fine Schedule.

Article V – Administrative Rules

A. Attendance at meetings

1. All member clubs must be represented at the monthly League meetings by their designated representative(s) or alternate(s).

2. Member clubs not adhering to this requirement will be fined according to the Fee and Fine Schedule for each meeting in which they are not represented.

3. Member clubs must attend a minimum of four (4) meetings during the current season or will be classified as a member not in good standing and thereby forfeit all voting rights unless and until reinstated. (See Constitution Art.IV, Sec.1)

4. The official meeting place of the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. shall be within Lancaster County and designated by the Executive Board.                                                                                                                                                                               

B. Reporting of Game Scores

1. Each manager/coach must report the accurate scores of their game to the division scorekeeper to be posted on the website no later than 9:00pm on the Sunday evening following the game.

2. Failure to comply shall result in a fine per the Fee and Fine Schedule.

C. Payment of Fees

1. All travel player fees and related team fees shall be paid at the time of approval of travel team rosters by the League registrar.

2. All intramural player fees and related team fees shall be paid at the time of registration of players or teams as applicable.

3. Teams registering players after the start of the season will be billed by the League with payment required within thirty (30) days.

4. Failure to meet these requirements shall result in forfeiture of all League games until paid.

Article VI – Amendments to By-Laws

A. Amendments may be proposed in writing to the League President at any Executive Board or general meeting.

B. Proposed amendment(s) to the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. By-Laws will be presented at the next general League meeting.The proposed amendment may then be voted upon at the following general League meeting.  The amendment(s) will be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of voting representatives in good standing and in attendance.

C. Proposed amendment(s) to the rules not adopted in accordance with Paragraph VI, B, may not be reintroduced until a minimum of nine (9) months has elapsed from the time of original introduction.