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Referee Fees for 2020

Please click on the link above to see Referee Fees for 2020.


Referee Coverage for U9/U10 Games

All U9 and U10 games will have 1 referee assigned.


Webinar - 2019/20 IFAB Laws of the Game Changes: Explained by Esse Baharmast

Link to Videos describing the Laws of the Game Changes as seen at the LANCO League Meeting 8/21/2019



EPSARC is the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association Referee Committee.  Under the authority of US Soccer, EPSARC governs over referee administration, including registration, assessment and education.  The committee is co-chaired by a representative of both the youth and adult association.  Currently the committee is chaired by both sitting presidents of our two associations.  Beginning in 2010, a policy was approved whereby referee fees would be established using government established economic indicators, the Consumer Price Index and the Mid-Atlantic CPI for Gasoline. 

Referee Classes

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LANCO Referee Committee

Darrell Bohannon (Assignor) email:

Contact Darrell for referee issues or concerns.

See Darrell's full information on the Board Members page under Contacts on the website.


LANCO rules follow FIFA Laws of the Game with modifications for youth play regarding Field size, ball size and length of halves which are noted on the LANCO game card distributed at the mandatory meeting.

Of particular note are the following:

  1. Referees should check player passes against the roster and to the fact they are Valid season and valid to the team ID #.

  2. Once player and coach passes are checked they are to be returned to the team.

  3. A referee may request to see a pass a second time in order to record information for sanctions, Coaches failing to produce such pass for a player or a coach will be subject to League Sanctions for discipline in accordance with LANCO League bylaws.

  4. Matches for regular League play may end in a tie.

  5. All players and coaches should remain near the player bench area while on the sidelines. All spectators must remain between the 18-yard lines. No spectators will be permitted in the areas directly behind the goal lines. Only players and a maximum of 2 carded coaches will be permitted in the bench area. All sideline personnel must keep back from the touchline a minimum of two (2) yards at all times.

  6. There shall be unlimited substitutions with the permission of the referee at the following times:

    a. On a throw in, your own or your opponents throw-in provided they are also substituting.
    Either team's goal kick.

    c. Either team scores a goal.
    d. At the beginning of the second half.
    e. In case of an injury, substitution for the injured player is permitted but not required; the opposing team may also substitute one player if the injured player is substituted for. If injured players' coach comes on to the field of play to attend to injured player, said player must be substituted for.
    f. If a player receives a dismissal (red card), that player must leave the field of play. Their team may not substitute for them at any time during that match. If the match goes into Sudden Death the team will play short one player from the allotted number based on their age group. The team may field a full team in its next scheduled match.

Substitutes must be waiting at the halfway line when the ball leaves play...All substitutions must enter the playing field from the halfway line with the permission of the referee. The referee may disallow a request for substitution if, in the referee's judgment, that request is intended to delay the play of the game.

  1. All players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the spirit as well as the letter of the Laws of the Game. Referees have been specifically instructed to run the matches according to this spirit and will act accordingly. DISSENT FROM PLAYERS, COACHES AND/OR SPECTATORS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED; CAUTIONS AND/OR DISMISSALS WILL RESULT. Players are encouraged to play all matches with intensity and desire. However, UNNECESSARY PHYSICAL PLAY, PARTICULARLY THAT WITH INTENT TO INJURE, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED; CAUTIONS AND/OR DISMISSALS WILL RESULT. Coaches are responsible for the actions of the team's players and spectators as well as their own actions.